1973 Home

Berrien Springs High School Class of 1973

We are in the planning stages for our 30th year reunion for the summer of 2003 (the date is September 6, 2003) and are looking for help to ensure EVERYONE is contacted about it!  So phone, write, or email all your classmates about this web site so they'll have the latest information.  Címon Class of Ď73, letís make this reunion the biggest and best ever!!!

Photo Gallery is from my (Jan Vandenburg McCann) scrapbook - anyone with pics to share, send them to the e-mail link below for addition.  You can utilize the Bio Info page to share information about you.  We will be putting something together for the 30th reunion.

We are looking for addresses for the following people, please help!
Rich Akers, Dan Aldridge, Dorothee Bechinger, Deitriek Bonmann, Terry Disterheft, Deborah Eaton, Alvin Fisher, John Flower, Julie Hampel, Dave Janke, Larry Johnson, John Keppel, Melody Lewis, Helen Moore, Sam Quashie, Pam Rock, Lillian Schroeder, Becky Slater, Wendy Stafford, Becky Strong, and Lynn Terrell.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for this site, please use this email link.  SEE YOU AT THE REUNION!!!!!!!!

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