Summer brings stocked fruit stands with freshly picked fruit from the surrounding fruit and vegetable farms. Located in the extreme southwest corner of Michigan, Berrien County is the premier fruit growing county in Michigan. Berrien County has more fruit farms than any other county in Michigan. Beach grass on shores of Lake Michigan The moderating influence of Lake Michigan delays fruit growth in the spring allowing growers to escape some early spring frosts. The warm lake also keeps the harvest season going longer in the fall, compared to areas farther away from the lake. The mild climate allows Berrien County to grow more cold tender crops than other Michigan counties. Berrien ranks number one in acreage of grapes, peaches, strawberries, nectarines, brambles and apricots.

The St. Joseph River, Michigan's second largest river, offers medium-fast to quiet waters for boaters. It runs through Buchanan, Berrien Springs, Niles and empties into Lake Michigan at St. Joseph-Benton Harbor in Berrien County.

Special Area Yearly Events

2002 Blossomtime Festival Blossomtime Festival Logo
2002 St. Joseph Venetian Festival
Click on picture for a better view of the Venetian Festival site
Silver Beach at St. Joseph MI
2002 Berrien County 4H Youth Fair Berrien County Youth 			Fairgrounds
October Berrien Springs Coho Salmon Run
Shamrock Park Campground
GoldenEye Fishing Charter
fish caught in St. Joseph River
2002 Chapel Hill Arts and Crafts Show (at Fairgrounds) sample item for sale
Dec., 2nd & 3rd weekend Berrien Springs/Eau Claire Christmas Pickle Festival A Christmas Pickle ornament
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